Is Cinema HD legal? Or Is It Illegal?


We don't promote or support piracy. We are just sharing about this app for the educational purposes and to let the users find which they are already looking. You as a user are responsible to download and use this app.

Are you trying to find out if the Cinema HD app is legal? Then in this post, I am going to tell you if the Cinema HD app is legal or not.

Is Cinema HD legal

Is Cinema HD Legal Or Illegal?

No, Cinema HD APK app is not a legal app because it promotes and serves pirated movies and TV shows.

Cinema HD app offers movies and tv shows without any legal right to those content and that makes this app illegal.

How does Cinema HD Works?

Cinema HD uses torrents links to let people stream or download movies and TV shows. They don’t host all those movies and tv shows, instead they use torrent links to stream or download the title on the app.

Can Using Cinema HD App Get Into Any Legal Trouble?

Yes, watching movies or tv shows on the Cinema HD app can get you into some trouble. But the possibility of this is very low, and it depends on the country where you live and how strict the piracy policy is in your country.

If you live in a country where piracy policies are very strict then yes it’s possible you can get into any trouble. But the app is used by thousands of users from around the world and it’s not possible to jail all those people.

Sometimes to create an example or to scare people, authorities try to punish one or two persons. But those cases are very rare.

And if you want to make sure you are 100% safe then we will recommend you to use a good VPN service to protect your identity while streaming on the Cinema HD app.

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