How to watch Dickinson without Apple TV?

  • Genre: Television comedy 
  • Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Baryshni, Ella Hunt, Adrian Blake Enscoe
  • IMDb rating: 7.6/10

This series is a fictional portrayal of the younger life of Emily Dickinson who was an American poet in the 19th century.

This series not only looks at Emily’s life but also explores the socio-political themes of 19th century of America such as the abolition of slavery and women’s rights.

The series is incredibly contemporary, they have infused modern music and colloquial language to make it palatable to younger generations.

The show explores how women were economically limited in that time when marriage was almost pushed on women as a means of financial stability.

The best thing about this series is there is no hesitancy where Emily Dickinson’s sexuality is concerned.

The series shows that Emily and Sue had a romantic entanglement from the very first episode. They really treat it like a normal romance and really her sexuality was not even taking a point 

Dickinson’s starring Hailee Steinfeld is an inside look at the world of writer Emily Dickinson with a modern twist.

Emily is a death-obsessed overly dramatic and just plain young woman, who lives with her well off family in the 18th century Massachusetts.

Emily casually dates death, dodges marriage proposals, has an affair with her brother’s fiancee and of course writes poems.

Sue is Emily’s best friend and is dating Austin – Emily’s elder brother. After Sue’s last living relative dies she moves into the Dickinson house and eventually into Emily’s bed. 

Emily’s relationship with her family, especially with her father provides for some of the more tender and emotional dialogue throughout the entire series.

There are relationships between Emily and her friend, Emily and her brother, her brother and her friend and that kind of three-person dynamic between her and Sue and Austin. 

The most amazing thing about the show is the incorporation of modern music. More concentration is on the entertainment value in the show.

How to watch Dickinson without Apple TV+ Subscription?

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